Harnessing the best in
graphic design

A clean, easy-to-navigate website can put a smile on anyone's face. With clarity and ease of use, your customers will stick around, linger and learn.

Think of your website as a window into your organization. Customers want to look inside and know exactly what to expect. That's why we do not believe in using the "one-size-fits-all" web design strategy. Your specific products, services and target markets will all play a key role in the graphic design and development of your web site. After all, that's what makes your organization unique. Embrace it.

We also believe that webs are best spun in groups. Rarely does one individual do everything. It is more likely that a group of individuals—a website copywriter, photographer, graphic designer and programmer—all collaborate under clearly-defined goals and objectives.

Footeprint has the experience in all apsects of the project. The result is a clear plan that will streamline the process and reduce production costs.